Updated Banking Information for Sovos

Based on recent developments with Silicon Valley Bank, Sovos has accelerated its planned banking transition to Citibank NA. While these events do not impact our ability to be a reliable partner for customers, we are taking this and other steps to limit the risk associated with accounts at SVB.

The information below will answer any questions you may have concerning current and future payments.  

Where should we send payments?

Effective immediately, please send all payments to the following Sovos account.

Citibank NA, New York Branch   
388 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10013  
ABA# 021000089  
Bank Account# 31367702  
Swift Code: CITIUS33XXX  
Branch Code: 930  

Please note, this change applies to all existing and future balances due to Sovos Compliance, LLC. 

Will a bank validation letter to change vendor information be provided? 

Yes, if you need a bank validation form you can access it here.

What is the best address for physical checks? 

P.O. Box 3896
Carol Stream, IL 60132-3896

Overnight Address:
Sovos Compliance LLC – 3896
8430 Bryn Mawr Ave
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60631 

What happens if current payment has already been sent? 

Any payment sent and received by SVB will be processed and reconciled. You should begin using the Citibank NA for your next payment.

I am a managed services client that would like to update my bank information for tax or compliance remittance payments, what should I do? 

You should first log a case for tracking purposes through sovos.force.com. From there, Sovos will provide you with a blank client account agreement form (CAA) for review/completion of updated information. The updated document should then be sent to caa-receipt@sovos.com. From here, we will review the information and execute a penny test to ensure seamless activity against the new account. (Please Note: The caa should not be posted to the case)  

Who at Sovos can I call to verify information?

You can reach out to customersuccess@sovos.com  to verify any information about Sovos’ new banking protocols.

I am a Sovos ShipCompliant customer and use autopay, do I need to take any action to pay my invoices? 

No action is required on your part. Continue to pay your invoices as you always have.  

Does the “Pay Now Link” still work? Is there any other action required? 

Yes, the “Pay Now Link” is still active, and no action is required on your end. You can continue to pay your invoices as you always have. 

I need a new vendor form to process my invoice, what are the required steps?  

Please share the new vendor form with your account manager or customer success manager. They will process it and return it to you. If you aren’t sure who that is, you can reach out to our client support by accessing our portal here

My company requires information on previous and current banks to be on company letterhead, how can I get this? 

You can download a letter on Sovos letterhead with this information at this link. 

I am a 1099 Pro customer; do I need to take any action at this point? 

Continue to remit payments as you have been. 

I am a TIN Check customer; do I need to take any action at this point?  

Continue to remit payments as you have been. 

I am a legacy Sovos Keane customer and have questions about my account, who should I contact?

You can contact your support representative at UP Support: 1-866-890-3971 and select options 2, 1, 6 or call directly at 612-503-8242.

Thank you for your understanding and immediate attention to this matter. 

The Sovos Finance Team